tactigon skin

Control Arduino Robot Arms and Legs with Body Movement

We used two Arduino base scales to control robot legs, two T-Skins to control arms, and a RPi. We made a special version of T-Skin: Fight! … Read More

Arduino Robot Arm Follow Your Movements with Tactigon

We wanted to use The Tactigon ONE and T-Skin to move a Arduino base robot arm and have it follow our movements. Rasberry is central unit … Read More

How to Connect 3D Printer to AR Glasses for Bed Level aid

How to Connect 3D Printer to AR Glasses. The Tactigon Skin acts as gesture controller! Level the bed hands free! … Read More

Gesture Controlled Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

A new application for The Tactigon, this time combined with Raspberry Pi to achieve a futuristic lights control! … Read More

Arduino Tracked Rover Robot Control with Gesture

We use The Tactigon Skin (T-Skin) to control our tracked rover by moving our hand!The rover robot is Arduino base robot with BLE … Read More

Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot: Arms Control!

We made few upgrades to our previus project. Now, we can move the robot arms using two T-Skin. … Read More

Robotic Arm Controlled with T-Skin!

Enjoy our new project! We programmed a Tactigon Skin (T-SKIN) to talk with an Arduino-powered robotic arm, to follow hand movement! … Read More

Humanoid Robot Controlled with Gesture

Move your hands and control this Arduino powered robot using The Tactigon inside T-Skin hand band! … Read More

Arduino Faire Strength Test

How to build a hammer strength test with Arduino, NeoPixels and The Tactigon Skin (T-Skin). Fun example to use accelerometer and Bluetooth. … Read More