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Our Mission

“We want to shake user experience with our products. We imagine technology with fresh design as a natural extension of the man. This is USER EXPERIENCE revolution!” Massimiliano Bellino - CEO

Hardware Design

Highly experienced in Hardware Design, spacing from small wearable device to industrial-grade data logger

Full Stack Development

Firmware to Front-End software design and development, IoT platforms and mobile Applications developed

IoT Experience

Internet Of Things platforms and connected devices, differents protocols and data analysis management

Our Team

Massimiliano Bellino

Massimiliano Bellino

Chief Executive Officer
Massimiliano Bellino

Nadia Giuliani

Chief Operating Officer
Massimiliano Bellino

Fabiano Panzera

Chief Technical Officer

About Next Industries

Next Industries is a born of a passion to develop devices and sensors fit for Iot Technology. Our team is made of incredible experts in vibration detection for big structural monitoring systems, software development and hardware creation.

Next Industries

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