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Frequently Asked Questions

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THE TACTIGON SKIN is a gesture controller, motion capture wearable device. Click here to go deeper into details.

You can pre-order it directly from website, when the crowdfounding campaign will start.

It is a little software ready to use and open source to change the behavior of the T-SKN. Is like a SKETCH but it is open source and written in Arduino Code.

A SKETCH is a downloadable Application to change the behaviour of the Tactigon. You can download a SKETCH for Rover control, Humaniod robot control, 3D File movements and so on. A SKETCH is usually composed of an Arduino Sketch uploadable to The Tactigon, but can include other support files if needed, for instance the sketch for the receiver installed on the rover, the driver for windows pc to control mouse, or android application for other purpose.

No. It’s your choice because you can program it or you can use ready to use sketches.

Yes! By installing Arduino IDE and our package, you can program your own SKETCH and you can even publish on our website. Our reference is

We used Arduino code language.

Yes! The Tactigon Team is available for support at 

Sketches will be found on the upcoming Sketch Arena Page of our website.

Yes because we design 3 different adapter and you can put in T-SKIN shell, for different hand sizes.

To install a SKETCH you need to download the SKETCH ARENA SOFTWARE, and the application of your choice from our Sketch Arena page.

Crowdfounding Campaign will start soon on Kickstarter!

Yes, 35 US . Goods will be delivered through express courier, worldwide.

24 months, software and batteries are not included in warranty.

A product, to be returned, must have a “Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA Number)” which will be provided by NEXT Industries SRL following a written request from the Customer containing the reasons for the RMA request. The goods have to be returned at customer’s expenses and responsibility and in the original intact packaging to our operational seat; address will be communicated together with the RMA number. RMA number and the details of the NEXT Industries SRL delivery document with which the product has been sent to the customer must be indicated in the back shipping documents. Goods rendered in unsuitable or damaged packaging will be rejected.

Yes, you can. Customer is entitled to reject the goods at the time of delivery. However, it is noteworthy that, upon the issue of the refund note, in case of advance payment (Paypal, early bank transfer), shipping charges will be returned to the delivery address and return to sender. Therefore, only the amount of the product will be reimbursed net of return shipping costs.

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