The Tactigon Products

The Tactigon Skin and The Tactigon ONE

Tactigon Skin

Ready to use gesture controller with Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Download APPs from Sketch Arena and change its personality!

Tactigon ONE

The ultimate wearable board, programmable with Arduino IDE. GPIOs, UART and integrated battery recharge system. Fast microcontroller and BLE onboard!

Tactigon Skin

Tactigon Skin

The Tactigon Skin is a man-machine interface revolution. Hand is our natural interface with real world, and with T-SKIN it becomes our interface with digital world, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithm to increase performaces in gesture capture

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

The Artificial Intelligence Algorithm allows for simple gesture recognition and fine accuracy.

Programmable with Arduino IDE

If you don't find an APP on the Sketch Arena, MAKE YOUR OWN with Arduino IDE

Lots of APPs already available

Our Sketch Arena is always expanding. Lots of APPs ready to use without need of programming skills.

Accurate movement and gesture capture

Integrated sensors and algorithm interacts to offer the cleanest data available . Smooth and accurate movement granted.

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Tactigon ONE

Measure linear and angular motion with 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer. An extra 3 axis magnetic sensor is included to provide more precision. High speed microcontroller unit and Arduino SDK allows for complex sketches execution.

Tactigon ONE

Rechargeable Battery

The integrated Lithium Ion battery allows for 8 hours of continuous use of the Tactigon ONE, transmitting over Bluetooth Low energy data gathered from integrated sensors.

Ready to use out of the box

Bluetooth Low Energy grants out of the box communication. Additional third party GPS, SigFox or LoRa module provide data communication across the world, thanks to the integrated UART.

Arduino SDK

Plug an USB cable and program it. The Tactigon is a fast integrated device with Arduino core for gesture control and motion tracking development. Arduino IDE Awaits!

Lots of Sensors

Onboard environmental sensors with temperature and barometric pressure you can use to use as an altimeter. 9DoF IMU with Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer.

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