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Our old friend, CINGO, is now controlled with T-Skin device! T-Skin provides an ergonomic, lightweight smart case for The Tactigon ONE, so we updated the sketch in CINGO’s Controller to handle the four buttons integrated in T-Skin. The buttons now turn on and off movements communication, so if we want to stop the rover while drinking, we can!

CINGO can now be used with hand movements, and by pressing a key, you stop data transmission and have hands free to create awesome routes to go with your nice tracked rover!

Arduino Rover Sketch

Robots usually require a lot of sensors, radio communication, calculating capacity and possibly low power consumption, to control position, next movements and reduce weight. Visit our website (thetactigon.com)

Gesture Controller

In this case you can use TACTIGON SKIN gesture controller. You can find Arduino Sketch in our website.

Part list Rover Robot

Arduino UNO board or in alternative TACTIGON ONE

— Bluetooth Low Energy (if you use Arduino UNO)

— Motor control

— GPS (optional)

– Rover Base robot by Lynxmotion

The Tactigon ONE

The Tactigon is an interesting alternative in robot development. Maker can get advantages from its integrated Bluetooth Low Energy radio, sensors and GPIO to control other robot’s peripherals as ultrasonic distance or IR obstacle detection sensors. Sketch can be longer as Flash memory is larger than typical development board, and with more RAM too. Arduino IDECompatibility with The Tactigon is ensured by downloadable Core.


You can use GPS for robot tracking. As we saw in the articles in our website (Tutorial – How to control motor with The Tactigon – Part I – Hardware and Tutorial – How to control motor with The Tactigon – Part II – Sketch), The Tactigon can be connected and talk to a serial motor control board. In this article we’ll look at how to control the rover using a second Tactigon as controller in alternative to Arduino UNO board, using pitch and roll to compute tracks’ speeds (called wheels speeds from now on), as shown in the video above.

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