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Here you will learn how to start The Tactigon Bootloader and how to power on the board with batteries.

Starting with Batteries

If The Tactigon is left without both batteries and USB connection, you need an USB power supply to restart. Battery only won’t wake it up.

  • Connect Battery
  • Connect USB power supply

The Tactigon is now running.

You can now remove the power supply.

This state will happen only if you remove the battery when USB is not connected. If battery is not removed, simply use the button to wake up / put to sleep The Tactigon.

Force The Tactigon Bootloader

Usually you program The Tactigon using Arduino IDE and its Upload button. If something goes wrong, and you can’t program it anymore, you can force the bootloader mode.

  • Remove Battery
  • Connect the USB Cable between PC and The Tactigon
  • When the blue LED is on first time, press the button for 3/4 seconds to force bootloader mode.

The blue LED will blink to confirm the bootloader mode is up.

Now you can upload your sketch with the usual procedure with Arduino IDE, since The Tactigon Bootloader is running.

The Tactigon Bootloader

Well Done!

You can now upload sketches on The Tactigon!

Follow this link to enter Tactigon’s Library documentation. Libraries Documentation

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