How to use your discount code

Buy The Tactigon with the discount code received!
The Tactigon Cart

Get Started!

I received a discount code to buy The Tactigon, but how can I use it?

Follow this steps!

Browse products!

To add The Tactigon to cart, click on the PREORDER button in the Products page as showed in this image:

PREORDER Button location

Add To Cart!

Click Add To Cart button to proceed:

ADD TO CART button location


The CHECKOUT button in the cart section will let you proceed with the order. Click it to open payment and shipping options:


Order summary

The Show Order Summary clickable link will open a tab where is possible to enter the discount code you got.

show order summary

Enter the code here

Now enter the code and click the right arrow button. Your order details should now contains the discount details.

enter discount code

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