Arduino powered Robotic Arm controlled with T-Skin

This projects shows the power of T-Skin: Robotic Arm controlled with gestures! Move something heavy "hands-free"!

Hello, There!

We love robots! We wanted to control an Arduino-powered robotic arm with gesture, pairing it with T-Skin and match hand movements. T-Skin provides a 3 Axis Accelerometer, 3 Axis Gyroscope and 3 Axis Magnetometer, and thanks to included libraries, we can get Quaternions and Euler’s Angles, write down a gesture controller sketch to control robotic arm’s servo motors and finally move the arm. Or, for who wants to learn about this, download our APP in the Sketch Arena and enjoy!

T-Skin is “The Tactigon ONE” case for wearables applications. It offers a capacitive keyboard with 4 keys and a rubbed surface to stay in place and not slick from the hand.

Source code will be available soon!

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