Arduino powered Humanoid robot controlled with T-Skin

An humanoid robot controlled with gestures: made possible by T-Skin! Movements, walks, bows, all controlled by hand movements!

Hello, There!

We created this project with the intent of controlling an humanoid robot with The Tactigon. The humanoid robot as an Arduino Leonardo inside, and a Bluetooth low energy module installed on the “backpack”.

Since the IronBoy robot comes with a software to edit and program its movements, we modified and created some new actions so both T-Skin and IronBoy move together. The Servo Sequencer software allows to upload new movements created as custom movements wich does not override existing ones, with up to 100 new sequences. You can so create small movements to match a gesture captured by T-Skin and finally obtain smooth movements from the IronBoy itself.

The Tactigon is inside its T-Skin hand band, providing buttons and an ergonomic case.

Source code will be available soon!

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