Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot: Arms Control!

This is an upgrade of or preious project: control both arms with two T-Skins!

Hello! We’ve upgraded our previously created project by adding another T-Skin in the game to control both arms while still be able to walk and make bows. As said, the humanoid robot has an Arduino Leonardo inside, and this time two Bluetooth Low Energy modules installed on the “backpack.”

The Tactigon is inside its T-Skin hand band, providing buttons and an ergonomic case on both hands!

Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot Arms Control


We used two Bluetooth low energy module connect to Arduino Leonardo.This solution is not the best solution but we connected two T-Skin (as centralrole) to the two Bluetooth Low Energymodules (peripheral role) installed on the humanoid’s backpack.

Bluetooth Low Energy architecture is based on two roles for the devices:

Central Role and Peripheral Role. A Central Role device can subscribe toPeripheral Role Device’s characteristic, the name of the resource exposed. ACharacteristic can be read only or read/write. It contains the data to be send.

The Tactigon, and T-Skin, can act eitheras Central Role and Peripheral Mode.

The systems is able to follow the movement of the human hand andtranspose this movement in equivalent movement of the robot arms: right andleft. This means if you move the hand clockwise the robot arm follow themovement by moving shoulder and elbow with a more natural effect.

T-Skin Slide


For this project we used only T-SKIN but is possible to integrate thesystem with other Tactigon board, for instance placed on elbow, to avoidinterpolation of the movement and follow the action of the controlling arm!

With a fine tune ofthis architecture, we can control industrial robotic by moving our arm with noload, and so no less stress for human body…

The project is still under development to increase again itscapabilities!

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