3D Printer control with Augmented Reality

Hello! This is our latest project: an augmented reality application that connects to an OctoPrint instance and allows you to control your 3D printer – hands free!!!

Think about every time you had to level your heatbed, maybe with auto-level plugin, and switch from thumbscrews to the mouse, forth and back until the bed is OK.

Not to mention the need of the PC, or the browser on your mobile device, not always friendly on these devices.

The AR headset we used

Here comes The Tactigon Skin (T-Skin), an awesome device, programmable with Arduino IDE that integrates 9DoF IMU with accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, four programmable buttons, and an ergonomic case which lets you use your hand while wearing it!

T-Skin Slide

Let’s take a look at it!

OctoPrint is a fantastic environment which exposes REST API, with JSON reply. It enables remote control of your 3D printer(s) over HTTP connection.

BUT you need traditional control input devices!

Octoprint AR

By using this application, you will have temperatures, progress percentage, estimated times, stop button, and many more features offered by OctoPrint directly in your AR device!

3D Printer control with Augmented Reality” is locked 3D Printer control with Augmented Reality

The T-Skin acts as human interface to provide a cozy process.

The application uses Cardboard SDK, but thanks to Processing for Android VR mode, we made it easy to customize for everyone who would like to expand its functionality, edit the user interface, or input behaviour.

Final Results

You can see the final result on our YouTube Channel. With gestures, you can browse printer “Parameters”, like % Complete, Print Time and Print Left (see Figura 1)  or in the “Status” menu you can see Bed Temperature, Tool Temperature and Printer Status (Printing, Operating, Error).

You can also “Start” o “Stop” printer, with the menu “Command”. Parameter can be shown or hidden by using the parameters buttons.

Augmented Reality 3d printer
Augmented Reality 3d printer

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